Escorts Diary

Escorts Diary

Hi friends, I am sandhya, Sandhya Verma I am not a good lady. please read my escorts diary for know me exactly who I am

I am going to introduce my self I am a prostitute, whore, streetwalker, lady of the evening, call girl, Escort, High society girl, vaishya, kothewali, and lots of more, I have many more name to describe me my
character. Even everyone who can see me describe me on its own style.

I sleep my 20 days of a month in 5 Star Hotels but not acceptable in house.

I earn more then 10 lac monthly, but who has a monthly income of 50000 can heir me for a night and play with my precious body and can use it accordingly.

Everyone who sleep with me wants to marry me but only for the same night. next day I am not acceptable i am dangerous for the society, but my name is society girl.

Everyone who wants